Traditional Taiji - Huang Style 37-Step

Complete Course

Begin Tai Chi with a strong foundation
Understand the fundamental principles of Tai Chi
Learning made easy by our unique teaching method

  • Traditional Huang Style Taiji Form 37-step
  • Complete Form Learning 
  • Two Classes :
    Every Thursday Evening
    Every Friday Evening
    Commencing October 2022
  • Small class size. 

This class is new. It is structured differently from our existing classes.

What can you expect from this class?

  • By the end of the course,  participants will have been taught the complete Traditional Huang Style Taiji Form 37-Step 

  • Our teaching focuses on building a strong foundation and clear understanding of Taiji principles.

  • Small class size of maximum 15 participants.

Who is this class suitable for?

  • This class is suitable for all learners and most suitable for learners who prefer to complete the form within a specific period.

  • It will most benefit those who want to learn Taiji with a true understanding of principles, and practice Taiji with a strong foundation.

What are the requirements, and are there any prerequisites?

  • This class is suitable for both beginners and existing practitioners who wish to explore Taiji as a martial art.

Upon completion of the course, will there be an opportunity for revision?

  • Participants who completed the course and learning the complete form can choose to attend our other classes for revision and continuous learning.

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