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Full Form Training Course

Huang Style Tai Chi 37-Step Full Form Course

14 Apr 2023 (Friday) or 27 Apr 2023 (Thursday)

Every Friday Evening
Starting 14 Apr 2023
20.15 hrs - 21.30 hrs


Every Thursday Evening
Starting 27 Apr 2023
19.00 hrs - 20.15 hrs

16 Weekly Sessions
Medium : English / Chinese
Max Pax : 14 
Course Fee : $280
Venue : Bedok Central 
  • Learn the complete Huang Style Tai Chi 37 Form - Lineage of Yang Style Tai Chi

  • Be taught the core principles of Taiji (Tai Chi) in the simplest and most straightforward manner. 

  • Accelerate your learning by building a solid foundation from the start.

  • Know the essence of the move with our simple step-by-step techniques, correct posture and mind-body coordination.

  • ​Suitable for beginners and existing practitioners who are in search for an effective method to learn and gain the true benefit of Tai Chi.

Huang Style 37 Full Form Course -  Interest Registration

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