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  1. What makes different?

    1. We maximize the potential of our learners based on individual abilities,and convey the fundamentals and principles of Tai Chi through our unique teaching method that makes learning easy for people from all walks of life. With, you will learn Tai Chi as it forebears intended, rather than through scoring systems or postures based on rigid guidelines. 

  2. What is the learning path at

    1. Practitioners begin with elementary classes. Thereafter, they may join our revision classes to correct and fine tune their postures and movements. Regular practice, revision, and upgrading of skills will bring about deeper understanding of this profound knowledge.​ Indeed, Tai Chi promotes good health, and health is a journey, not a destination.

    2. Practitioners who have completed form learning and revisions may then join Push Hand classes, subject to approval from the lead instructor.

    3. Those who are inspired to help out propagate our Tai Chi knowledge are encouraged to come forward to join our teaching team. Instructor training will be provided to suitable candidates.


About Our Courses


  1. What is language medium used?

    1. Classes at the community clubs are conducted in either Chinese or English or explanation in both languages, depending on the mix of the class.​

    2. Language used at classes at other venues (Chinese or English) will be determined when prior to class formation, and specified during class openings. 

  2.  How long will it take to learn Tai Chi?​

    1. Learning a Tai Chi form usually takes about 6-9 months with regular practice.  Learners who depends on practice at class once a week will not be able to catch up with class progress and will take longer to learn the whole Tai Chi Form.

    2. Upon completion of form learning, learners will need to continue with revisions to strengthen understanding of the underlying principles to Tai Chi movements.

    3. Tai Chi learning should be life-long, in order to maintain good health. Joining a regular class will allow learners to receive continuous guidance and peers support. 

  3. I am totally new to Tai Chi, can I join your course?

    1. Beginners are welcome to join our courses.  All beginners will start with foundational training, where they will be taught the fundamentals and principles of Tai Chi through our straightforward and easy-to-understand methodology.

  4. Since focuses on foundation, does that mean that all your courses are elementary level?

    1. Not at all. After beginners have been taught the fundamentals and principles of Tai Chi, and built a strong foundation, they will join revision and upgrading classes, as well as Push Hand sessions (open only to existing practitioners).

  5. I have learnt Tai Chi before. Can I skip the elementary class and go straight to a revision class?

    1. No. All participants, including those with prior knowledge of Form 37 and Form 108, need to start with the beginners course, where they will become familiar with our unique methodology. Often, participants with prior experience who came to us have been previously trained differently. Many have chosen to restart their learning journey with us to dive deeper into Tai Chi knowledge and are progressing well. ​

    2. With this in mind, our courses are therefore unsuitable for those who have acquired many Tai Chi forms and are seeking an opportunity to add another form to their collection. Here at, we value practicality and not presentation. 

  6. I am not very coordinated. Can I practice Tai Chi?

    1. Yes. At, we encourage learners to understand the fundamentals and principles of Tai Chi, rather than mimicking instructors or other learners, and once those are in place, coordination will come naturally.

  7. What is the class size?

    1. For courses at community clubs (CC), the class size is 25 pax, and comprises both existing practitioners and newcomers.​

    2. For classes at other venues, the class size will be different and to be determined prior to class formation.

  8. How can I sign up for the courses?

    1. For courses conducted at community clubs (CC), registrations are handled by the respective CCs and PA. Interested participants should submit an Interest Registration Form via our website. Once the class is open for registration on the PA portal, a link will be sent to them.

    2. For courses organized by at other venues, a registration link will be provided prior to class formation. Payment will need to be made via Stripe secured payment to  

  9. Are all courses open to the public?

    1. Not all courses are open to the public. Revision classes, instructor courses, and Push Hand classes are available only to existing practitioners of​

  10. What happen if the course is cancelled or suspended after I sign up?

    1. For courses conducted at the community clubs, the fee will be refunded by PA if a course is cancelled. If a course is suspended (for example, due to renovation works at CC venue), the pro-rata fee will be refunded by PA, or the course will be postponed to a later date.​

    2. For other courses organized by, the fee will be refunded by if a course is cancelled prior to commencement. If a course is suspended, the fee will be refunded by, or the course will be postponed. If cancellation is due to an issue with the venue, the course may also be conducted at an alternative venue acceptable to the participants.

  11. What is Yang Style Tai Chi? What is Huang Style Tai Chi?

    1. Yang Style Tai Chi is developed by Yang Lu Chan. Huang Style Tai Chi is a lineage of Yang Style Tai Chi. For more information, you may read our blog posts on Yang Style Tai Chi and Huang Style Tai Chi.​


If you have further queries, please contact us via our Contact Forms.   

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