Traditional Huang (Yang) Style 37 Step


Term and Duration


Course Description



Beginner / Elementary

12 sessions, 1 h 30 min each

Bedok CC

Friday, 10.00am - 11.30am, 3rd Floor Roof Top

Saturday, 10.00am - 11.30am,  3rd Floor Roof Top


Siglap CC

Thursday, 8.00 pm - 9.30 pm, Basketball Court

Friday, 8.00 pm - 9.30 pm, Soccer Court

Traditional Huang Style Tai Chi continues in the lineage of Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi, and comprises slow and steady movements. Practitioners will learn the Five Loosening Exercises, standing meditation, and the 37 Step Tai Chi Form of Huang Style Taijiquan.


This course is suitable for practitioners who want to focus on a single form, and upon revision, dwell deeper into Tai Chi knowledge. It takes 6 months to complete learning the form, and practitioners may return after to continue with revision. Newcomers should note that these classes are currently ongoing, with existing students.  <more about Huang Style Tai Chi>

Please wear a comfortable white t-shirt, black long pants, and flat sports or walking shoes. Optionally, practitioners may purchase a school t-shirt.

More about Huang Style Tai Chi

Huang style Tai Chi is a lineage of Yang style Tai Chi. 


Grandmaster Huang was born in the Qing Dynasty in 1910. He began to learn martial arts when he was 15. In nine years, he had mastered the martial arts of Baihe, Luohan and Shaolin. In 1932, he went to Shanghai, China to teach Baihe and Luohan Gongfu where he met with martial arts elites from all over the country. After experiencing the exquisite martial arts of various schools, he became fascinated by Tai Chi. In 1948, he went to Taiwan to head the training at Taiwan National Sports Association and as a Tai Chi lecturer at National Taiwan University. During such period, he learned Tai Chi from his teacher Zheng Manqing . Master Zheng simplify the long form Yang-style Tai Chi, removing the duplicated actions, retaining 37 moves and named it the "Simplified Tai Chi", also called "Zheng Zhi Taijiquan".


While in Taiwan for a few years, Grandmaster Huang had mastered the essence of Tai Chi proficiently . Combined with the martial arts experience he has studied in his life, he further developed the Hunyuan Zhan Zhuang (Meditation), the Five Loosening Exercise, and integrating essence of his Baihe Gongfu into the 37 Tai Chi Form which eventually became the unique Huang Style Tai Chi.