Instructor Florence Fan

My encounter with Taiji started when I was travelling to China with my parents in late 80’s. The graceful moves of Taiji impressed me and left an indelible mark on my memory. I did try to find for training schools then but my working hours deterred me. Later as my work involved travelling overseas, it became harder to commit myself to register for such classes. With long working hours and different time zones while travelling, my health was not good and I had difficulty in walking.


Time went by and then one day in August 2016 I went for a walk in the Botanic Garden with my sister and I encountered people doing Taiji. The enthusiasm for Taiji was aroused and I decided to search the internet. I found Taiji lessons conducted by Teacher Theresa Yeong and I signed up for the training. I took the lessons seriously and practiced daily. My balance and health improve subsequently. My teacher’s knowledge and skills in Taiji, and her passion in imparting the art moved me greatly that I want to excel. Her no nonsense attitude-being disciplined about respect greatly cause me to search more about the art.


I was delighted when my teacher asked me to help train new students. I counted it a privilege. In helping others I appreciate the art further. Taiji is an art that takes years to learn and decades to master. I enjoy my training as well as coaching new students that are placed under my care. This has put meaningful and fulfilling moments in my life. I do hope that I can inspire those that cross my paths to take Taiji as a life long learning process to reap the benefit as I do.