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Goh Ban Choo

Goh Ban Choo

I have been solely trained by Teacher Theresa Yeong since I first started practicing Taiji. Her earnest dedication and commitment to Taiji is truly commendable.  I am inspired by her unreserved willingness and zeal to impart the art of Taiji to both the young and old alike.  Her patience and enthusiasm in constantly showing me to perfecting the difficult moves has awakened my passion to learn the various intriguing techniques.  She is a great teacher who has helped me understand, enjoy and appreciate Taiji in a meaningful way.

I am passionate about this ancient art form which is not only a form of martial arts but more importantly a health practice that improves one's co-ordination, flexibility, endurance and strength, as well as strengthen muscles and joints.  I train diligently and explore each move thoroughly to seek a deeper understanding with my Teacher.

I also practice meditation, which possesses far-reaching and long-lasting benefits by lowering stress levels and improving focus, thereby improving the overall quality of life.

I am an enthusiast who recognizes the importance of sharing the passion of Taiji and its tremendous health benefits, and encourage people of all ages to practice Taiji for a healthier lifestyle.

Practicing Taiji is a lifelong exercise in promoting good health.

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