Founder & CHIEF Instructor
Theresa Yeong 

Born 1963 in Singapore, Theresa Yeong (楊琍喻), founder of,  began practicing Taiji in 2005. In her early years, she was taught various competition forms, and focused mainly on the performance of routines. Her last two years with that first school, before she left in 2012, was spent helping to teach. In the next two years after she left the school, she realised that it was true knowledge and not variety and exposure she was seeking, and so went in pursuit of deeper understanding of the martial art.

In 2013, she joined another Taiji training center to learn traditional Taiji Form, where she was asked to teach just three months after joining. When a year went by and she noted that her Taiji was not improving, she moved on once more in her journey to find the right teacher.

Her wish was finally granted in 2014, when she met Master Tay. Having forged ahead through obstacles and detours, Theresa is determined to overcome all difficulties with unyielding perseverance. Since meeting Master Tay, she has focused on Huang Style Tai Chi (黄氏太极), practicing daily and putting in great effort to understand and analyze each move in detail as she works towards achieving the state of “song” (; softness or relaxedness). After 3 years of everyday practice, she began learning practicing Push Hands (推手) under the guidance of Master Tay.

Taiji learning is a lifelong pursuit. Theresa continues to research the art and refine her skills each day, with her teaching career beginning in 2014 as she shared her knowledge with those keen to learn, and to encourage more people to earnestly learn Taiji with correct concepts, foundation and mindset.

Official Certifications

Jul 2013  - Certified Instructor by Singapore Sport Council


Jan 2014 - Registered PA (People's Association) Taiji Instructor


Mar 2014 - Registered with NROC (National Registry of Coaches) 

Jul 2015  - Certified Wushu Form Judge by Singapore Wushu Federation


Passionate About Inspiring Others