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Play Tai Chi, Chase Tai Chi, Practice Tai Chi, what is your choice? 耍太极,追太极,练太极,您的选择是什么?

The promotion of Tai Chi has made almost everyone hear of Tai Chi, but people's understanding of Tai Chi is quite different.

Most people think that Tai Chi is an exercise for the elderly or referred to as simple exercise for all people to keep fit.

Another group of people regard Tai Chi as a performance and competition event. To this end, the pursuit of diversification, the routines are endless. This gives excitement to the many lives. However, with the continuous learning of new routines, one is unlikely to be able to focus on the foundation and Tai Chi principles. The chasing of routines may eventually cause unnecessary pressure and possible injury.

Tai Chi is a traditional martial art. It requires perseverance, long-term practice, constantly focus on foundation and Tai Chi principles. A routine can be practiced for decades. People in this category belong to the minority. Only those involved can understand what makes them have that attachment.







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