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Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi 108-Step

Founded by Yang Lu Chan,  the Yang Form is typically done with slow and steady movements.  While martial applications are embedded in every movement, there is no rush for any strike, nor tension generated by overtly winding up for the knock-out blow.  Thus, movements appear subtle.  

Slow and purposeful movements allow practitioners to relax and feel the flow of internal energy within their body, thereby experiencing an increased sense of wellbeing and health.  (visit our blog to know more about Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi)

Classes Available

Course Content

​Course Structure

CC Classes

Tai Chi Full Form Training Courses

Corporate Courses




Regular Classes - at CC premises

Structured Training Courses at other venues

Tai Chi Training for Corporate Companies

Please refer to our Class Page for classes available.

Practitioners will learn the Five Loosening Exercise and Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi 108 Step (Also known as 85 Steps) consisting of slow and steady movements.


Lessons begin with foundation training and subsequently step by step learning with explanation based on Tai Chi principles. 

Courses conducted at the Community Clubs (CC) are ongoing Courses with existing participants, taking in newcomers every 12 sessions. Conducted by Lead Instructor and assisted by Assistant Instructor.

Structured Training Courses will be conducted at other venues.  There is no interim enrolment during the course period.

Corporate Courses are customized to specific needs.

Beginners and learners with past experience are welcomed.


For CC Courses and Structured Training Courses, learners may thereafter join our revision classes which are open only to existing class members.

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