Traditional Yang Style 108 Step


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Attire & Supplies

Elementary Class / Revision Class 

12 sessions, 1 h 15 min each


Potong Pasir CC

Wednesday, 8.15pm - 9.30pm, 2nd Floor Training Room

​Sunday,4.00pm - 5.15 pm, 2nd Floor Training Room

Practitioners will learn the Five Loosening Exercises and Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi 108 Step (Also known as 85 Steps) consisting of slow and steady movements.

We focus on foundation training and Tai Chi principles.  This course is suitable for beginners and practitioners who want to dwell deeper into of knowledge of Tai Chi.  It takes at least 3 terms of a total 9 months to complete learning the form, and practitioners may return after to continue with revision and continuous learning. 


This is an Ongoing Class with existing practitioners. Newcomers will join in every 12 session. Class will be divided into a maximum of 3 groups based on level of experience and skill, taught by the Lead instructor and assisted by assistant instructors.

Practitioners may join our revision courses after completing form learning.  Our revision courses are only for our practitioners and are not open to public.

Please wear a comfortable white t-shirt, black long pants, and flat sports or walking shoes. Optionally, practitioners may purchase a school t-shirt from the instructor when at class.

Please bring along a towel and a bottle of drinking water.