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Tai Chi - where calm and balance meet

Our teaching method is what makes us different

ABOUT US was founded on 9 March 2020 by Theresa Yeong, with a mission to promoting health and wellness through imparting authentic and traditional knowledge of Taiji as a martial art, through a simple and easy to understand teaching method based on modern context, explaining Tai Chi principles in the simplest form, eliminating unnecessary mystical imagination and rigid poses, maximize the potential of all learners.

We specialize in Traditional Huang and Yang Style Tai Chi training in Singapore, providing public classes and corporate sessions.  Our clients includes National Heritage Board, Commonwealth Secondary School, Singapore Institute of Technology, Lighthouse Independent Media Pte Ltd, T.H.E Dance Company, Beacon Consulting Pte Ltd.

Join us now and awaken your inner strength!

A message from the founder

TheresaYeong - Founder of
Theresa Yeong

Realizing the importance of simplifying teaching and preserving the essence of Tai Chi, I felt the need to develop a simple teaching method and streamlined instructions to convey the broad and profound principles of Tai Chi. I hope my teaching can help more people truly understand Tai Chi.

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