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ABOUT US was founded on 10 March 2020 by Theresa Yeong, with a mission to promoting health and wellness through imparting authentic and traditional knowledge of Taiji as a martial art. 


To practice Tai Chi, and to gain the true benefit of Tai Chi, one must understand Tai Chi principles and practice with the right foundation and mindset.  


We specialise in Traditional Huang and Yang Style Tai Chi training in Singapore, providing detailed, step-by-step analysis and guidance, explaining Tai Chi principles in the simplest form, made learning easy for practitioners of all levels.

In, we encourage gracious learning and mutual respect.


Join us now and experience the benefits for yourself!

Tai Chi
Tai Chi Practice at former Siglap CC
Tai Chi Training

Regular Courses at

Community Clubs

Courses at Community Club are ongoing with existing participants. 

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Tai Chi Courses

Structured Tai Chi Courses are end-to-end complete courses

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Tai Chi Sessions For Corporate Companies

Tai Chi Sessions for Corporation Companies/Institutions are customised to specific needs.

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