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ABOUT US was founded on 9 March 2020 by Theresa Yeong, with a mission to promoting health and wellness through imparting authentic and traditional knowledge of Taiji as a martial art. 


To practice Tai Chi, and to gain the true benefit of Tai Chi, one must understand Tai Chi principles and practice with the right foundation and mindset.  


We specialise in Traditional Huang and Yang Style Tai Chi training in Singapore, providing detailed, step-by-step analysis and guidance, explaining Tai Chi principles in the simplest form, made learning easy for practitioners of all levels.

In, we encourage gracious learning and mutual respect.


Join us now and experience the benefits for yourself!

Tai Chi
Tai Chi Practice at former Siglap CC

Our teaching method is what makes us different

Theresa Yeong photo_edited.jpg

Realizing the importance of simplifying teaching and preserving the essence of Tai Chi, Theresa developed a unique teaching method and streamlined instructions to convey the broad and profound principles of Tai Chi.

Born 1963 in Singapore, Theresa Yeong, founder of, began practicing Taiji in 2005. In her early years, she was taught various competition forms, and focused mainly on the performance of routines, but soon realised it was true knowledge and not varieties and exposures she was seeking. This led her in pursuit of deeper understanding of the martial art...    <Read more...>

Theresa Yeong
Founder/Lead Instructor

Ban Choo_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Humble, sincere, and friendly, and always willing to help and guide fellow classmates, Ban Choo joined our classes in 2015 and began to assist and carry on our teaching lineage from 2017.

I have been solely trained by Teacher Theresa Yeong since I first started practicing Taiji. Her earnest dedication and commitment to Taiji is truly commendable.  I am inspired by her unreserved willingness and zeal to impart the art of Taiji to both the young and old alike.  Her patience and enthusiasm in constantly showing me to perfecting the difficult moves has awakened my passion to learn the various intriguing techniques...  <Read more...>

Goh Ban Choo

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