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Huang Sheng Shyan

Huang Sheng Shyan

Huang Sheng Shyan or Huang Xingxian (黃性賢; 1910 - 1992) was born Minhou County, Fujian Province, China.  At the age of 15, he began training in White Crane Kung Fu (白鶴拳) , later going on to study Luohan (罗汉拳) and Shaolin (少林).

In 1932,  at 22,  he went to Shanghai, set up a school and began teaching White Crane and LouHan Kung Fu. During such period,  he interacted with various martial arts practitioners and find great interest in Tai Chi.  

In 1948, he moved to Taiwan to teach Martial art and gave talks to the Taiwan University.  During which,  he study Tai Chi under Cheng Man Ching (郑曼青) and was accepted as a disciple. Following 8 years with Cheng Man Ching, he had mastered the skill and refine it which eventually became the Huang Style Tai Chi.


In 1956, he was invited to Singapore to conduct Tai Chi training.  In 1957, he brougt his Tai Chi to Sarawak, Malaysia, started a school in Kuching.  Subsequently in Sibu, Bintang, Sarikei, Miri, Api Api Beaufort, Keningau and Tenom. 


After teaching and propagating the art for a few years, he set up the Singapore Tai Chi Association in 1959 and Malaysian Tai Chi Associations in various parts of Malaysia between 1973 and 1983. Across Asia, Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand, there are many schools dedicated to Grandmaster Huang's art.

Grandmaster Huang firmly believed that Tai Chi must have the right foundation of "song" (松; softness or relaxedness). To achieve song, Grandmaster Huang developed an exercise called the “Song Shen Wu Fa” (松身五法; Five Loosening Exercises). Dedicating his entire adult life refining his martial art, Grandmaster Huang and his exceptional skill is celebrated and respected by many Tai Chi and martial artists.​

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