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Taiji Benefits - facts or myths

Tai Chi has become a favourite fitness exercise for many people. It is said to have a good effect on physical and mental health and can also help recovery from illness. Therefore, many people think of Tai Chi only when they have health problems. However, Tai Chi has long been forgotten as a traditional martial art. Practicing Tai Chi when you are in good physical condition not only strengthens your physical health, but also helps you concentrate and relieve stress.

When Tai Chi became a fitness exercise, its foundation and principles were slowly neglected. But in fact, only when Tai Chi is practiced correctly and does not deviate from the origin of martial arts, can the real benefits be obtained.

All exercise has health benefits. The advantage of Tai Chi is that it is gentle, slow, and almost everyone can practice it. But we should pay more attention to the correct learning methods and content. So, can practicing Tai Chi cause injury ? Yes, it does when practice the wrong way. Does Tai Chi cause anxiety? Yes, when you don't have a good understanding of the basics, just cramming and remembering the actions.

You cannot reap the benefits of Tai Chi simply by practicing it for years. You need to learn it correctly, not more but precise.


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