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Theresa Yeong
Founder & Lead Instructor

Born 1963 in Singapore, Theresa Yeong, founder of, began practicing Taiji in 2005. In her early years, she was taught various competition forms, and focused mainly on the performance of routines, but soon realised it was true knowledge and not varieties and exposures she was seeking. This led her in pursuit of deeper understanding of the martial art, and by 2014, she began practicing authentic Huang Style Tai Chi with Master Tay. In 2017, she began practicing Push Hands (推手) under his guidance.

As an instructor, Theresa’s unique strengths lie in her laser focus on building foundation, and her ability to connect with students of all ages and walks of life, through always communicating the core principles of Taiji in the simplest and most straightforward manner.

Taiji learning is a lifelong pursuit. Theresa continues to research the art and refine her skills each day, with her teaching career beginning in 2014 as she shared her knowledge with those keen to learn, and to encourage more people to earnestly learn Taiji with correct concepts, foundation and mindset.


Official Certifications

  • July 2013: Certified Instructor by Singapore Sport Council​

  • January 2014: Registered People's Association (PA) Taiji Instructor

  • March 2014: Registered with National Registry of Coaches (NROC) 

  • July 2015: Certified Wushu Form Judge by Singapore Wushu Federation

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