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Master Tay

Tay Ah Cheng

Born 1937 in Singapore, Master Tay Ah Cheng (郑伢程) began learning martial art at the age of 20, practicing Qi Gong (气功) and Shaolin Gongfu (少林功夫) for nearly twenty years. He first encountered Tai Chi when the late Grandmaster Huang Sheng Shyan (黄性贤) came to Singapore in the seventies and demonstrated his skill at the Tai Chi Association. Impressed by the Grandmaster, Master Tay then sought to learn Huang Style Tai Chi (黄氏太极) from him.  

After 11 years, Master Tay left the school, but continued to practice at Katong Park with Wang Xing Bang (王欣邦), former president of the Huang Style Tai Chi Society. During this period, there were few occasions when Grandmaster Huang visit Wang Xin Bang at Katong Park.  Grandmaster noticed Master Tay’s persistence in learning Huang Style Tai Chi. in the nineties,  Grandmaster Huang came to Master Tay and personally giving him the important instructions that allowed the Master to reach the next level.  

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