Taiji - Traditional Chinese Martial Art 传统武术-太极拳

Updated: Nov 4

Taiji (also referred to as Tai Chi) is a traditional Chinese martial art and health promoting exercise.

There are many different styles of Taiji, but the five major styles, each named after the Chinese family from which they respectively originated, are Chen, Yang, Wu (Hao), Wu and Sun.

Key differences exist in their approaches to training including the speed at which motions are performed, poses and size of movement etc. However, they are all united by fundamental philosophies, such as the unification of internal energy, continuous movements, center of gravity, rooting and relaxed alertness.

To-date, there are millions of Taiji practitioners, but only some are reaping the true benefit of the martial art. To achieve the true benefit of Taiji, practitioners need be patient and persistent, as well as the correct path of learning and proper guidance.

Indeed, Taiji is beyond form or exercise. It is the co-ordination of mind, body and energy flow (or Chi). It is a lifelong process but the journey is mesmerizing.



太极拳流派纷呈,主要有陈,杨,武,吴,孙等派。各门派在拳架,套路编排等方面有各自的特色,但始终不能偏离太极原理 - 以柔克刚,以静制动。有着共同的运动特点,中正安舒,连绵不断。



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